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The purpose of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi (CBF MS) is to share the love and Gospel story of Christ in freedom, cooperation, and integrity, driven by our authentic Baptist heritage. 


CBF MS is an autonomous affiliate of CBF, Inc., which self identifies as "...a Christian network comprised of individuals and churches that work together to spread the hope of Christ. Our diverse community includes partners all over the globe, and our fellowship supports a wide range of missions and ministries that give people meaningful opportunities to put their faith to action. With a deep respect for freedom, diversity and equality, we encourage autonomy while inviting collaboration."

CBF MS encourages its member churches, faith communities, and individuals to stay connected with each other through communications such as the CBF MS "The Connector" newsletter and regular contact/visits with other CBF churches/individuals for worship and fellowship.  One past example is Saint Martin Baptist Fellowship in Gulfport visited Church Arise in Decatur for a Sunday worship service.  Afterwards they shared a meal together.  Also, University Baptist Church (UBC)  and Ekklesia, both located in Hattiesburg, came together for a week of services during Lent.  Our churches may have very different worship styles and visions, but we share a common stance -- Jesus is Lord. 

Another way to connect believers is through the CBF Church Starts and Faith Sharing ministryThis is the CBF, Inc., program executed in Mississippi.  Every church should look in its community or neighborhood and ask what segments of its population the church is not serving.  Ask "Who living here would not express her/his spirituality in what we are offering?"  Many times a simple home Bible study around a meal or refreshments can help believers and spiritual seekers find a group in which they can explore God's desire for their lives.  We want everyone in Mississippi to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner and with language they can understand. 

CBF MS is busy about ministry in which each of you can be involved, thus strengthening the CBF network across our state.  For example, one can be involved in partnering with other believers in our state through the CBF Together for Hope (TFH) poverty elimination program.  The Delta Hands for Hope (DHH) center in Shaw, MS, is a great example of what the larger CBF TFH program means to the state of Mississippi.  DHH is a Christ centered, charitable ministries partner, which through its community center daily provides assistance, activities, and hope for many of the children of this community, e.g., the summer program at the center that provides meals daily to children living in poverty.

We welcome you to join us by visiting our CONTACT page on this website or look at the CHURCHES page for a CBF church contact and fellowship in your neighborhood.