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St. Martin Baptist Fellowship

Ric Stewart

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St. Martin Baptist Fellowship

  a Christ centered community of faith on the MS Gulf Coast and autonomous partner of CBF
 "While growing our faith, we incubate and grow ministries,
    providing a seedbed in which they can take root and flourish.

Who we are

St. Martin Baptist Fellowship (SMBF) is a Christcentered community of faith, welcoming to all, passionate about learning through Bible-focused worship how to better model our lives after Jesus Christ.  We are seekers of God and His eternal truth, ecumenical in our approach to listening to and caring for others who have differing points of view, and committed to doing Christ's love through ministries to those in our communities.  We speak Christ's truth as the reason for doing ministry.

Where-when we meet

The Water's Edge

1223-B 30th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501

Sunday Evenings:  5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., fellowship, light meal, Bible-focused worship, Communion, and prayer


Pastor-Executive Director:  Rev. Jay Lynn, MDiv, BTSR

How we worship and do ministry

SMBF worships when attending our Sunday gatherings by experiencing how to increase our love and understanding of God and people through Bible-focused worship, the Lord's Supper (1st Sunday of every month), prayer, fellowship, and light family meal; ultimately deepening our relationships with God, each other, and people of our community.

From these worship and fellowship experiences, we learn to express Jesus' compassion and love in ministry through word and deed to those we touch in our daily walk with God.  To do this effectively, we are formed as a 501c3 Christian ministries organization with the Sunday evening fellowship/worship being one of those ministries.  We believe we are stewards of God’s resources, and that we are commanded by Matthew 25:31-40 to do the best we can to use God’s resources to help those in need in our community.  We “walk” the community in our daily jobs, schools, and neighborhoods to build relationships with others, identify needs, and show Christ's love by helping where we can.

How to contact us

US Mail (Business Office):  2509 South Shore Dr; Biloxi, MS 39532

electronic communications:  website, email, facebook

telephone:  228.265.9744


University Baptist Church -- Hattiesburg



University Baptist Church

3200 W. Arlington Loop
Hattiesburg, MS 39401-7138
601.264.6908 church

Revs. Kathryn Spangler and Brett Harris, Co-Pastors

Where is UBC located?

We are located in midtown Hattiesburg at 3200 Arlington Loop–about four blocks West of Forest General Hospital and three blocks south of the University of Southern Mississippi. Our campus is surrounded by the University Heights Neighborhood.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to call or email any of our staff members, they’re always happy to talk to you about life at UBC (or click the Contact menu on this website). If you visit us in worship, we encourage you to fill-out a visitor’s card and drop it in the offering plate so we can tell you more about our church family.

What’s it like to visit UBC?

Jesus describes the Kingdom of God as a great banquet where all are welcomed. We hope you get a taste of that when you visit UBC. Old or young, dressed in a suit or sporting your most comfortable bluejeans, a long-time follower of Jesus or new to the faith–whoever you are, however you come, we hope you feel welcomed among us.

What’s your Sunday morning schedule?

People begin gathering around coffee pots around 9:30 every Sunday morning. We have Sunday School classes for all ages of children and youth as well as a variety of class options for adults beginning at 9:45. We worship together as a church family at 11:00 (we have a nursery for our youngest children and extended session for preschoolers who leave worship following our morning children’s sermon).

What sort of Baptists are you?

You ordain women as deacons and ministers? You follow the Christian year in your patterns of worship? What sort of Baptists are you? Its not uncommon for first time visitors to wonder about our Baptist identity. Our primary national affiliation is with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (and we are proud to say we are one of only three denominations in the United States led by a woman). Our Mississippi partners in ministry include the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi as well as the Mississippi Baptist Convention (we value our partnership with organizations, like William Carey University, that are supported by Mississippi Baptists).