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Advocacy in Action: Justice. Freedom. God’s mission

March 10-12, 2014

Advocacy in Action is a three-day journey in Washington, D.C. with the following goals:


Explore advocacy as a faithful expression of Christian mission
Develop a biblical basis for advocacyMeet CBF partners who are actively involved in advocacy, including Bread for the World and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Learn how to be an effective advocate – locally, nationally, and globally
Exercise our voice by interacting with members of Congress
Experientially engage an issue (e.g., poverty) through various media, daily reflection and prayer, and discover how transformation occurs
Develop individual and congregational capacity for leadership around advocacy

Interact with hands-on ministries among most-affected populations through CBF missions
Connect with a DC-area congregation to experience local church advocacy
Join CBF hosts Devita Parnell and Harry Rowland and presenters Stephen Reeves and David Gushee to learn about CBF's new advocacy efforts and strategies.


  • Stephen Reeves is CBF's new associate coordinator of partnerships and advocacy. Read more.
  • David Gushee joins CBF in 2014 as theologian-in-residence to help CBF think about theological and ethical issues related to advocacy work. Read more.

For more information, contact Devita Parnell.

Visit the webpage.