Dreaming Dreams and Strengthening Strengths

The best and brightest days of CBF of MS are ahead of us!  As we anticipate new leadership in the form of a new Coordinator, the Coordinating Council encourages all of us to find our strengths and to give ourselves permisson to keep our work withn those strengths.

Below is a "working list" of Assets and Dreams, drafted by the Coordinating Council in October 2012.

Now is as good a time as any for us to revisit this list as we pray about and attempt to discern with God's help what is ahead for our Mississippi fellowship.

How might this list inform our next steps?

CBF of MS Assets:

  • We care -- are caring
  • Disaster Response Coordinator (Jim Kirkendall)
  • Expanding the Baptist circle
  • Ecumenical and openness to work with other groups and faith groups
  • Pastors
  • Integrated and diverse "home"
  • Variety of abilities, attitudes and talents
  • Highly developed, diverse skill set
  • Strong education component
  • Individuals with background in education
  • Jim Kirkendall has degree in Marriage and Family therapy
  • Opportunities for marriage enrichment
  • Service-oriented members
  • St. Martin Fellowship - new church on the Gulf Coast
  • Structure ready to move forward
  • Sense of community
  • A Community of Faith
  • Generosity - a spirit of giving
  • Several chaplains across the State
  • Asset developed ministries, "Together for Hope"
  • Intergenerational
  • University Baptist (Hattiesburg) model for reaching young people
  • "Places of grace"


  • Pastors' conference
  • Financially independent
  • Relationship with other seminaries where MS students are attending (both CBF and non-CBF)
  • Increased fellowship among churches
  • Identify and catalog resources (model of CBF of KY "Tools" on their website)
  • Build asset map
  • Increase visibility and connectedness
  • Partnership with Delta Missions
  • Develop growth strategy
  • Develop strong identity and communicate that identity
  • Economic development
  • Build relationship with Camp Shelby and Reservists
  • Utilize "Mission Wave--Church Under the Bridge" as ministry model
  • Target young people ages 18-35