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Spotlight on St. Martin Baptist Fellowship


Spotlight on St. Martin Baptist Fellowship

Deenie Grubbs

Saint Martin       A Christian officer in the Roman army, Martin gave half his cloak to a cold beggar.    In a dream Jesus came to Martin dressed in that cloak and shared that it was He who was the recipient of Martin’s concern.

Saint Martin

A Christian officer in the Roman army, Martin gave half his cloak to a cold beggar.  In a dream Jesus came to Martin dressed in that cloak and shared that it was He who was the recipient of Martin’s concern.

Welcome Statement

St. Martin Baptist Fellowship is a Christ centered community of faith, welcoming to all, passionate about learning how to better model our lives after Jesus Christ, seekers of God and His eternal truth, ecumenical in our approach to listening to and caring for others who have differing points of view, and committed to speaking Christ's truth in the world.  SMBF uses modern technologies to create a welcoming atmosphere:  facebook, website, email, and e-newsletter.

Mission Statement

As we go, we are on mission with God.  We are more of a “missional” rather than “attractional” church, but we recognize/honor the importance each type church can play in the Kingdom of God.

We expect to learn with those attending our Sunday gatherings how to increase our love and understanding of God and people through worship, singing songs, Bible study, the Lord's Supper (monthly), prayer, and fellowship (light meal around “family” table); ultimately deepening our relationships with God, each other, and people of our community.

From these worship and fellowship experiences, we learn to express Jesus' compassion and love in word and deed to those we touch in our daily walk with God.  We believe we are stewards of God’s resources, and that we are commanded by Matthew 25:31-40 to do the best we can to use God’s resources to help those in need in our community.  We “walk” the community in our daily lives to identify the needs.  To do this in a responsible and accountable manner, we are formed as a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization with bylaws and Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State, Mississippi.  The governance and operational management body of SMBF is a Board of Directors established through the bylaws.

Core Beliefs

At the foundational level, SMBF is a body of Jesus Christ believers bound together as members of the universal church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our core Christian beliefs and principles are aligned with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) core values of Soul, Bible, Church, and Religious Freedom as posted on the CBF National website.  We believe both men and women equally can be called by God to serve in any role God so chooses.  To be clear, this includes minister and deacon.  We believe that as members of the human race, everyone in the world has sin in her/his life and must ask and receive forgiveness of sin from our Lord and Savior to enter the eternal kingdom of God in heaven.  We don’t distinguish among degrees of sin.  We believe our Lord has commanded us to leave judgment of sin to Him; John 5:22, Matthew 7:1.  We believe God loves all of the human race equally and gives us all equal access to Him.  He also gives us the free will to accept or reject Jesus Christ as Lord.  We believe that rejecting Jesus as Lord will prevent anyone who makes that choice from living in eternity with God.  Also, we believe this prevents those rejecting Jesus as Lord from receiving the Holy Spirit of God while on earth as their counselor, “…the Spirit of Truth,”  John 14:15-17.  In our daily lives in the community, we focus our efforts on loving God, loving others as ourselves, and as we go, telling the truth about Jesus and “…making disciples (of Christ) of all nations,” Matthew 22:37-39, Matthew 28:19-20.


Our current worship format is to gather as a church where all are welcome every Sunday evening engaging in the activities described above.  As we grow, we are open to considering changes in this format to meet the needs of our people.  Our gather place is rented and currently located at Fellowship Hall, First Christian Church (FCC), 2111 15th St, Gulfport, MS.  In the not too distant past, our average attendance had been around sixteen (16) people.   Due to our former pastor and his wife returning to the mission field in Africa and a large family moving out of the area in the past year, our average attendance has been cut in half.

Current Challenge

We are currently searching for a Pastor-visionary to continue the work of our former pastor and his wife, who returned as CBF missionaries to Africa.  We are looking for someone with a mature passion for Christ, SMBF worship and ministries, CBF core values, and growing the body of Christ through SMBF mission/community involvement on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.