Pilgrimage to Iona

Northminster Baptist Church

Pilgrimage to Iona

Wednesday, July 8 ~ Friday, July 17




Approximately $5,000

(depending on the number of participants)

Cost includes airfare, accommodations, in-country transportation, and most meals.  Also included is additional travel to St. Andrews and Edinburgh.

Why pilgrimage?

It is possible to listen for and to hear God’s “still small voice” at most any time in most any space.  However, sometimes traveling to a space that has been marked sacred by fellow Christians for many centuries can make both the listening and the hearing easier.  Traveling with fellow pilgrims deepens the experience as we are reminded that the Christian journey is both individual and communal.  Life lived in the Spirit is life lived in community.

 Why Iona?

Iona is a small island off the west coast of Scotland and is the former home to a monastic community founded by St. Columba in 563.  Today, there is no longer a monastic community on the island, but there is an intentional community dedicated to prayer and service.  Thousands of pilgrims visit Iona each year to worship with the Iona Community, to visit various holy sites on the island, and, most importantly, to be intentional about seeking God’s presence and listening for God’s voice.  Iona is truly a liminal space—connecting outer journey and inner landscape, past and present, heaven and earth, ordinary time and sacred moments . . .

 Interested?  Questions?  Please contact Amy Finkelberg at 601-982-4703 or amy@northminsterbaptist.org.