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                      CBF -- Introducing a New Way to Share the CBF Story


CBF -- Introducing a New Way to Share the CBF Story

Ric Stewart

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Introducing a new way to share the CBF story

Celebrating the CBF story is celebrating God's work in the world. It's a story of partnership between individuals and congregations around missions and ministries, locally and globally.

Across the Fellowship, Cooperative Baptists are Forming Together
- forming spiritually and forming through collaboration. The CBF story celebrates the autonomy of individuals and congregations while inviting collaboration. We are forming as one and forming together.

After a year-long conversation about CBF, you told us that formation is the essence of the Fellowship. CBF encourages individual growth while growing local churches; it helps Christians form into their faith as well as live out their faith.

Our new look and our language will reflect this "formation." New CBF graphics, including our new logo, represent the individuals, congregations and partners that comprise the Fellowship. It is visual representation of "forming together." As a combination of squares, circles and the cross, each having a visual purpose and a deeper meaning within the context of our mission, vision and work

  • Squares represent individuality and foundation.
  • Circles and curvature represent community and the formation of unified partnerships that renew God's world.
  • The cross in the "f" signifies that we bear witness to God's work in the world.

In scores of interviews with Cooperative Baptists across the Fellowship, you asked us to focus on who we are instead of who we are not.

  • Christ-like: First and foremost, we witness God's work in the world.
  • Innovative: CBF is ever exploring ways to renew the church and the world.
  • Authentic: We value and nurture genuine relationships that are built on respect.
  • Global: Our impact reaches every corner of the globe.
  • Excellence: The Fellowship is raising the bar with inspiring partnerships, ministries and missions.
  • Diverse: Cooperative Baptists are strongly committed to hearing and respecting different perspectives.

We are this way because Cooperative Baptists and the 1,800 CBF congregations that comprise the Fellowship are this way. As we are Forming Together with each other and with Christ, we are "Partners in Renewing God's World."

Learn how Cooperative Baptists are Renewing God's World


To learn more about the missions and ministries of the Fellowship, visit and enjoy the new look and feel of the site. To make the information easier to access, we've reorganized the content, making finding what you're looking for more intuitive.

There, you can also find the new fellowship! magazine that's packed with stories about ways Cooperative Baptists are Forming Together while renewing God's world.

CBF staff email address changes

With the launch of the elevated CBF brand and new website, CBF staff email addresses have also changed to the extension. For example, to reach Jeff Huett, use For a full list of staff email addresses, visit