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Updated Look for CBF


Updated Look for CBF

Ric Stewart

CBF_Monogram_RGB - Brand Assets.png

How do you describe and define an organization like CBF that is made up of so many unique individuals, unique expressions, and unique callings? As noted in the February/March 2015 edition of fellowship! magazine, CBF spent a year seeking innovative ways to tell the CBF story that precisely articulates who we are without resorting to who we are not. What emerged from the brand audit process was a new visual identity system, a clarified way to tell the CBF story, and “Forming Together” as a new tagline for CBF.

The new visual identity system includes an updated brandmark, color, and typography. The updated logo is much more than just a refreshed look. The style guide which can be found on the CBF website says, “The CBF monogram is a visual representation of ‘forming together.’ The hidden cross in the ‘f’ signals that, first and foremost, we are here to witness God’s work in the world. The custom letterforms are built using the square, a symbol for foundation and individuality, and the circle, a symbol for global community and unity.”

The brand audit also revealed six attributes of CBF:

  • Christ-like: First and foremost, we witness God’s work in the world.
  • Innovative: Ever exploring ways to renew the church and the world.
  • Authentic: Genuine relationships that are built on respect.
  • Global: Impact that reaches every corner of the globe.
  • Excellence: Raising the bar with inspiring partnerships, ministries and missions.
  • Diverse: Strongly committed to hearing and respecting different perspectives.

The brand audit provided more clarity to how we explain why CBF is different than other organizations. CBF is a Christian network that inspires people and churches through both encouraging autonomy and inviting collaboration. We are a “forming together” fellowship. We do this by “helping Christians form into their faith as well as living out their faith. Forming diverse partnerships locally and globally. It’s forming as one and forming together. What does this look like across the fellowship? CBF Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries…Peer Learning Groups…Global Missions…Student.Go…CBF field personnel.”

The ultimate success of the brand audit depends on how helpful the results are to the individuals and churches that make up the Fellowship. As members of the Fellowship we can help share the passion and vision of CBF with others. I believe Jeff Huett conveys it best by saying, “My hope is that we are better able to say why we are Cooperative Baptists and better equipped to invite others to join us as we partner in renewing God’s world.