CBF of Mississippi Fall Assembly (FA) 2016 -- Great Success!

Great opening night of CBF MS Fall Assembly 2016 on Friday, October 21, at Northside Baptist Church, Clinton, MS.  After a delicious fellowship meal together, Kate Campbell was incredible in concert.  Northside Baptist rolled out the red carpet for CBFers from across the state.  The evening ended with great anticipation for the sessions on Saturday. 

Very engaging second day at CBF MS assembly included educational breakout sessions, annual business meeting, and worship after the noon meal to close the event.  Ruth Perkins Lee, Charlie Johnson, Lane Riley, and Bobby Rayburn all led breakout sessions on Saturday morning.  The theme of FA 2016 was "Where Everyone Counts."  CBF MS set aside time at FA 2016 to help CBF Global celebrate its 25th anniversary.  All in all, this was a very special event indeed.  In addition, this event marked the first Fall Assembly that the Rev. Dr. Jason Coker along with his family attended and helped officiate as the Field Coordinator of CBF MS.