CBF of MS Disaster Relief Work- Katie Carter

One of the four pillars of CBF of Mississippi is Poverty Relief and Development for the state of Mississippi. Recently, CBF MS has had two major opportunities to uphold this pillar in the Mississippi Delta and we are calling our people and churches to join in the work.

During the month of March, the Delta has experienced tremendous flooding, leaving many families completely displaced from their homes. The areas affected by this flooding are considered areas of persistent rural poverty where families already struggle to secure the basics of food, water and shelter. When the families do get to return to their homes, they will need to gut their homes and clean out all of the muck. CBF MS is working to put together buckets full of supplies that will allow these families to clean out their homes and preserve as much of their homes and belongings as they can. These buckets relieve a family of tremendous financial burden by allowing them to remain in their homes and avoid purchasing an abundance of cleaning supplies. The CBF of MS Disaster Response Coordinator has put together this project and is working to ensure that we reach as many families as possible. We hope for each church to collect at least 10 buckets. Every bucket that we fill means that we get to offer both spiritual and physical hope to multiple individuals and families.  

In addition, CBF MS is helping families that recently lost their homes and possessions in an apartment fire in Cleveland, MS. CBF MS is helping five families in particular, each with small children. These families not only lost a place to live, but they lost all of their clothes, shoes, hygiene items, food, school supplies, kitchenware, furniture, important legal documents, etc. These families must start completely from scratch with rebuilding their lives, but CBF MS knows that we have access to resources that will help them get back on their feet. CBF MS is staying in contact with these families and keeping an updated list of their needs. CBF’s rural poverty initiative, Together for Hope, is doing work on the ground with these families on a weekly basis. Together for Hope’s regional Vice President for the Delta is even working to collaborate with the Salvation Army so that between CBF efforts and the efforts of the Salvation Army, we can extend hope and dignity to each and every family.

CBF of Mississippi values individuals both in church and out of church and believes in the importance of taking an active role in its communities. The opportunities before CBF MS in the month of March alone, could affect the lives of numerous families and individuals, making an impact beyond what we could ever dream. If you are interested in joining in these disaster relief efforts, you may visit our Facebook page (CBF of Mississippi), contact your local CBF church, or send an email to intern@cbfms.org.